i watched ALMOST FAMOUS last night. i had not seen it in many years. and look: i’m lester bangs! that’s me. i like that guy a lot . . . i bought his one and only book years ago, and i still got it. RIP lester bangs and philip seymour hoffman. those were cool dudes.

oh! i actually met ol billy crudup once, who is also in the movie. this was years ago when i first moved to california. he came into the cafe where i worked on college avenue in berkeley. he was in town for a play he and sir ian mckellen were in. i had met sir ian about an hour before. sir ian hugged me, which ruled. i just shook ol billy boy’s hand. i told him i had tickets to the show, and then i accidentally said “good luck” instead of “break a leg”. the play was extremely good. it’s one of the best things i ever did.

though yeah: i reckon i’m lester bangs. and if that’s true, i got about a year to live before i overdose on nyquil. there are worse fates.

. . . until then: if you get into a jam, you can call me. i stay up late!!