I am replaying DRAGON QUEST XI. What I do is I play an hour a night before I go to sleep, and then I don’t feel so bad anymore. I had forgotten how nice it is to play it. There is something really wholesome and gentle about this game . . . even villainy is innocent. Dragon Quest wants you to have a good time. It is never stressful and the writing is very good. Basically: it’s the sort of thing I need in these dark and final days.

Last time I played it, I had strep throat, and was the sickest I’d ever been in my life (till I contracted some mysterious illness on my 31st birthday in Berlin (covid??). This was September 2018, which feels like a million years ago now, and a happier time in my life. Even with strep throat I felt all right, because I had this massive luxurious 100-hour game to hang out with. And I was drinking like two gallons of tea a day, and eating soup, and I was jacked on DayQuil and home sick from work. Man! It was a good time.

ANYWAY: I am unfit to return to civilization, and there is not much that does it for me out there anymore . . . at least not right now. So I’m playing this again.

Yesterday I recruited Sylvando, who is the dude at the top, and who is an extremely gay and famous circus performer who owns a gigantic ship captained by a muscular S&M leather daddy in a pink gimp mask. Yeah man. I love it a lot!