Hey what’s up with everyone doing this dumb pose now:


I guess it’s flattering to your face in the same way that hand-on-hip pose is said to be flattering to your figure. . . ?

Anyway: Knock it off, guys!!

I also see a lot of people doing that thing where they drop to one knee and lock hands together with someone doing the same pose. As I recall this was originally like a prison thing.

Also putting your foot on the bathroom counter and sticking your tongue out.

Also the dropping to one knee and doing the praying hands.

I wouldn’t have written this post if I hadn’t seen thousands of pictures like this. All I’m sayin is come up with something else!!! Doesn’t it freak you out when everyone is doing something and you mindlessly repeat it???

Y’all know this is how the agenda of the Nazi Party was widely adopted, right?? Remember that salute??? (Just kidding (thought maybe not (I really am joking (but I could also be serious (I’m not (ok maybe I’m a little bit serious))))))