This winter I am going to the East Coast, which is where I’m from. I am going to visit Washington, D.C., Baltimore, New York, Toronto (maybe . . . I think), Montreal and Halifax / Chester. I have friends in these places and I am going to hug them and flash my gold tooth at them and say: “Yeah baby!!”

Here is my Proposed Route:

Contrary to what that map says, I am not going to actually drive 1,858 miles over the course of 30 hours though! I am flying into D.C. and then busing / training my way up to Baltimore and New York and Toronto and Montreal. In Montreal I’m either going to fly or drive to Nova Scotia . . . I don’t know yet! My friend Kate, who I’m staying with in Halifax / Chester, told me that it’s a long-ass drive, and possibly excruciatingly boring, but I don’t care. I wanna drive alone through Canada in a rental car so bad I wanna scream. Though, if any of you out there in TV land want to tag along for any of this madness, you’re more than welcome to. Do it!!

I don’t have a family, not really, so I will spend Christmas in New York City I think. I may go to Boston after that . . . but who knows. After that it’s all Canada though. I ain’t been to NYC in six (!) years, and I haven’t been back to Canada in even longer. I’m excited as hell. Maybe once I get home I can finally die!

Just kidding sort of~