hey other than that chinese dude who is shipping millions of face masks and test kits to the united states to help ordinary people survive, where are all the quote-unquote altruistic billionaires we don’t tax who are supposed to swoop in and save us? isn’t the intellectually dishonest argument for their continued existence that they can perform miracles for the greater good with their mountains of money? it’s almost as if we should be taxing the shit out of them to begin with so we can pay for even the simplest resources we need in order to combat a catastrophic pandemic that is almost certainly going to wipe out millions of at-risk americans, rather than “hoping” they chip in at some point. healthcare workers don’t have face masks to wear when treating the infected, who, insanely, we can’t even readily test yet, unlike south korea who is testing tens of thousands of people a day and thereby flattening the curve. meanwhile we’re all living like fucking cockroaches until this spiritually-bankrupt government gets around to operating like the richest and most prosperous country on the planet that it supposedly is. what a disaster. fuck the rich. buncha scumbags. oops!!!