Some of you have been writing me emails, what with my having disappeared from the only SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM I use. Really it has been nice to not use it. I’ll go back soon. But in the meantime I’m having me a real good time writing emails again. I hope to have replied to all of them by tomorrow night! I am touched that y’all cared to make sure I’m still alive.

In other news, my washing machine has been broken for probably two months. The new one is beneath a tarp in my backyard. I suppose there’s no telling when the repair guy is gonna come install it. My landlord has been promising for weeks that this son of a bitch is en route, and lo, he is still out there somewhere. All of this is to say I washed my clothes in my bathtub yesterday. It wasn’t so bad. I mean hell, the dryer still works . . . you just got to wring that shit out before you toss it in there.

Anyway here’s a picture of Laura and Dante I took last weekend:

And here’s a picture of Bart Simpson’s ass I took last night:

I just gulped down a passion flower pill so I’m about to be all goofed up. I like passion flower dreams . . . they are nothing like melatonin nightmares. I have been having beautiful dreams. Yeah! OK. Good-night y’all~ ☆彡