Last night I walked nearly 14 miles all over the East Bay. Mostly I was alone, though I did walk by some parties around UC Berkeley campus, which is insane. Y’all are seriously having parties during a pandemic??

Anyway it was an accident that I walked so far, and by the time I got home around 2 am my entire body was sorer than hell. I made some sleepy time tea and dissolved a melatonin in it and went the hell to sleep. I dreamed about this girl I knew a long time ago, and in the dream she held my hand! It was cute. But I made the mistake of leaving the dream room, and so of course when I tried to go back again she was gone. In my dreams people always disappear if I try to go back into a room I’ve already been in. Or someone else will be there in their place, and usually it’s someone you don’t want to hang out with. It’s a bummer.

Well: I slept till 2 pm and, yes, upon waking I realized I had destroyed my body in exerting it so much. Oh well! Time for bed again~