emma and i walked over ten miles through oakland and berkeley. we dropped off a bottle of pig wine at stella of CHALK TALK fame’s house (she wasn’t home so i left it on the porch with some star ☆ mail ) . . . then to strada on campus to get coffee . . . and finally all the way down university to get burritos at la mission. it was a cute little night (CLN)

stella texted me when she got home . . .

so emma and i circled back to stella’s house on the way to alcatraz avenue where we had come from, and she showed us her house, which was very nice, and i played with this gigantic sword i found in the living room, and lo and behold, on the back of her bedroom door was the poster for the tour i had briefly bore witness to. so of course we posed by it to send to BEX herself. yeah!

now i am lying in the dark and very tired so good-night neverland~ ☆彡