in final fantasy i, i am rybabe the red mage. red mages are decent with black and white magic and can use swords, which other mages cannot. once, some time ago, i was afflicted with darkness. see here:

in final fantasy iv, i am rybabe the dark knight. my job is to head for moon’s core to defeat the great evil i find there. see:

my girlfriend in final fantasy iv is a black mage / summoner named rydia. she has green hair and i love her. yes:

in final fantasy v, i am rybabe the traveler. i can do a lot of things. i have a chocobo, which is a kind of large bird you ride around on. early on i met my pink-haired girlfriend lenna, seen here:

. . . and please, for god’s sake, if anything should ever happen to my father, don’t tell me about the crystals:

ok bye lol