as i gargle mouthwash, can i just say that i love flossing now? i never disliked flossing. it’s just that recently i’m like “yeah this rules”. i’m into it in a whole new way, jerry

i love brushing my teeth too. my dad said that to me one time and immediately seemed embarrassed. and he said, “sorry. i know that’s kind of a boring thing to say. i just love brushing my teeth is all.”

and yeah dude!! me too, dad

i stayed with this zen monk in boston one winter, and he was obsessive about his teeth. i’ve never seen someone dedicate so much time to dental hygiene. i asked him about it, and he made this sweeping gesture over his body, and he said, “all of this is crumbling every day. i have to take good care of it, even as it falls apart.”

that rules lol

so brush your teeth y’all!! it’s important to your systemic health

. . . plus it just feels great!™

god i sound cuckoo for cocoa puffs

i’ve really got to up the quality on the kinds of things i post here. lord, i sound like bill and ted

ok time to sleep ☆彡