I AWOKE FRIDAY MORNING to a text from my friend Victoria in Ontario. She wrote to me about a dream she’d had:

I had such a thorough dream about you! I got off a trip through Latin America and you were living in this massive old house near the waterfront, no other neighbours really, stockpiled bikes in the back. There were many rooms and these two women drifted through the house often, one with long light hair the other with short dark hair. You yourself were often never to be found. I slept on this sprawling couch with a gold blanket, am pretty sure there was an orgy room somewhere, and once was in the backyard and saw these two women standing on your bedroom window sill, dressed in red leather. You were kind of vacantly hanging back and looking out into the night. Thanks for helping me find a bike to ride into town 🤡

This is not so much a dream but a premonition. Uh . . . minus the orgy room. No!!!!! Can you imagine what that room would smell like??

Though yes: It has been my dream for a long time to start a doomsday cult where we “worship” stars and geometric shapes and death, and so on. But in reality I just want to get a huge house or a warehouse in Germany and chill with my friends until the sun absolutely sets on Time itself. I will absolutely make this happen. It is my singular purpose in this life . . . my White Whale!

You’re welcome for the dream bicycle from the dream backyard of my dream fortress. Just go ahead and keep it, baby!!!