Facebook has no qualms helping the current administration promote racism, bigotry, and dangerous lies in order to sow violence and civil unrest— all of which are currently destroying our country from the inside out. Facebook’s presence in the Bay Area specifically has greatly and disproportionately displaced people of color who have lived here their entire lives. Fuck Facebook. Facebook, and all of their employees, are complicit in the truly horrifying things that have happened this week, and will happen in the coming weeks when peaceful protesters are almost certainly going to be shot by the fucking police or the National Guard.

Anyway I’ve been reading the news all day and I feel sick to my stomach. I don’t know why of all things these weak-ass Facebook employee “walk-outs” (they’re all working remotely) irked me so much today, but they did. It’s a bunch of rich white people looking for a pat on the back because they finally realized they’ve been helping a massive evil corporation perpetuate an evil agenda. Just quit your stupid job and shut up and join the fight. Jesus Christ. These scumbags, I swear.