My friend Molly clued me in on an early limited release of MAD MAX: FURY ROAD (Black and Chrome Edition~~), and so today Matt and Kerwin and I woke up early and crossed the river to see it. There were maybe six or seven people in the theater, all middle-aged / old dudes, and us three precious boys plunked down in the front row and had a screaming good time.

SPOILERS: It rules.

Apparently George Miller got the idea to do a black and white Mad Max back when they were scoring ‘Road Warrior’ in 1981. He walked in on a recording session and a rough black and white cut of the film was playing on a huge screen in the background. And he said to himself: “Holy lord. This rules.”

But of course there was no way the people paying for ‘Fury Road’ were going to let him release a 2016 blockbuster-budgeted summer action movie in black and white—so he released it in color, and boy oh boy is it beautiful!

And now we have both! Isn’t that great? George Miller says the black and white cut is his favorite. I agree! I had a real good time with it. It was already a masterpiece. Now it is even weirder and more abstract.

(I regret that I was unable to snap a good picture of Furiosa. They all ended up blurry. It’s just that she’s so fast!)

Anyway: Please go see it!!! Please!!!!!!