Well: Along with my spirit-sisters Laura and Monty, I went to South Lake Tahoe and Reno, Nevada over the weekend. Tahoe was so nice . . . I had not been there in many years. Reno on the other hand was a miserably stupid cartwheeling freakshow straight to hell, which makes it sound way more exciting than it actually is. It is more like a Mars crater filled with dog turds and cigarette butts . . . but maaaaannn we sure did go ahead and have ourselves a good ol time anyway. I’m going to write about it tonight, after I sort through the hundred or so pictures the three of us collectively took. And I reckon Laura and Monty have actual film to develop, and so on. Hmm.


Laura and I are going to Europe this summer. We’re either going in July or early August and might meet up with Monty depending on where she is. We’re gonna fly into London and stay with uhhhh yeah 💜 someone I know, and then make our way over to Berlin. Hello? Belgian friends? What if we passed through? Can we sleep on the grass behind your house?


See y’all in Los Angeles next weekend. Yes??? OK~

LISTEN: I got a lot to say. I have written and created all these things to put here, and they’re like 85-90% done. I just need to finish them, for god’s sake! Lord . . . I don’t know what happened, but I’ve been real prolific recently. If I ain’t makin stuff I’m riding my bicycle or rollerskating with a tall pink-haired alt girl!!! I love it.