yeah lol

it’s 4 am here in oakland, california, and this sums it up for me!!

having gone through what i just went through, i figured i’d feel a lot worse than i do. that’s how it’s gone historically anyway. i feel ok though. that’s nice~

when i wake up tomorrow, i’ll feel some more things

lord! that edible sure did kick in. see, i invented a thing by accident a few years ago where i drink a cup of coffee and then eat an edible. if the thought of combining marijuana and coffee gives you a heart attack, then i understand. but man, it definitely rules. after a few minutes you experience something weird and beautiful . . . mccune calls it “sleeping on a shooting star”. you end up feelin juiced and dreamy at the same time. it’s just that very soon i’m going to have a difficult time writing. i think hunter s. thompson said that once: that weed was one of the few drugs he couldn’t write while on. it’s true!

i’m going to put on elvis’ version of BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER and brush my teeth and eat a bunch of sleep supplements and make my room dark and cold

and then i’ll see if it’ll successfully sedate me, which i desperately need right now

after all . . .

our summer’s just started . . .

i guess i should feel like a fool but i don’t. i always feel like a fool but i don’t feel especially foolish right now is what i mean. i am comfortable with the amount of foolishness i feel. i had anticipated much more! maybe there’s a victory in that

you know, it really is easier to get on if your soul is clean. it is a very good feeling. another good feeling: my face is warm right now and my eyes are a little watery and my body feels rubbery. maybe it is time to lie down with dante and DREAM the DREAM of “LIFE” . . .

in the afternoon i will wake up and sit down here again and write some more things. i have a lot i want to write down. maybe i’ll write all day . . . and then see emma and daphne in the evening. but before i do i’ll publish it all here. ok??

man i love being a big dumb freak on the internet. it’s so much fun

well! what else is there to say right now except this: