A guy I work with, who is a real good guy, calls me “the asexual nihilist” which . . . oh God. I don’t know, man. I don’t particularly like that, but what are you gonna do.

(I once knew a woman who self-identified as a “nihilist,” and I’ll tell you what, I thought that was terrifying. Maybe it’s even more terrifying to me now. I heard her say this at a party. She phrased it as a sentence! She said: “I’m a nihilist.” Oh no. Please, no!)

((‘Nihil’ is a cool word, but for heaven’s sake, don’t include me in that bullhockey!!)

(((But for real—*exhales massive cloud of weed-smoke*—what kind of psychopath self-identifies as anything? When people do that it just makes me feel like they’re desperate to belong to something, or to avoid actually having to produce their own original thoughts??? . . . or maybe they’re just bored, now that human beings don’t have to fight sabertooth tigers anymore. I don’t know. Do whatever you like, man. What do I care~~~~ I’m just an idiot~~~~~~~)))