My father is flying to California on Thursday to see my sister and me. We have rented a cabin about an hour north in some Return of the Jedi-ass redwood forest-ass bucolic paradise. This is what it looks like:

Wow! A hot tub! Also, the place has trails on the property itself, and a loft, and wood stove, and on and on. Lookit this freakin house! I’m pumped as hell, man.

Dante is spending the weekend at Aunt Laura’s house. I gotta drop him off Thursday night before we head across the Golden Gate Bridge to chill real hard in the woods all weekend.

My sister tells me dad is very excited to have a bonfire, and is “packing his sweaters.” Aww! We need to get coffee and firewood and Cool Snacks. I suppose I’ll get on that tomorrow.

I haven’t seen that dude since he was here in April 2018:

Seeya soon o father~