i wrote this in march:

By the time my father was my age, he had had a career for 11 years, owned a house, owned a car, and had two children.

Meanwhile: I own a GameCube, sleep on the floor, play pool with college kids at 4 in the morning, and have watched ‘Blade Runner’ probably 70 times.

my father, who is now 61 years old, has i guess what you might call a really good life, as far as lives go. he lives in a paid-off house with two paid-off cars in the driveway, and he lives near his parents and his sisters, and has a dog and some cats and a nice pension and premium health insurance for the rest of his life because he retired on disability. he worked his whole life for it and now he has it

i guess none of us are retiring, huh, so maybe it’s useless to imagine things like that for ourselves

i don’t want my father’s life at all, but i am also haunted by the unplaceable terror of knowing that i’m probably going to always have less and less than i did before

good thing my retirement plan is to die alone at night in a snowstorm at the bottom of the world lol