I went to a Halloween party at my friend Lael’s on Friday. It was pretty good. I reckon I knew just about everyone there. OAKLAND is REAL SMALL like that. My friend Hannah painted me in DEATH MAKE-UP aka SKELETON HEAD in exchange for a drink on a yet-to-be-decided date!! (She initially maybe jokingly asked for a foot massage as payment but I . . . swiftly turned her down!)

We all went up on Lael’s roof and drank a bunch of crappy beer and did our fair share of HOOTIN and HOLLERIN and so on. I miscalcuated how much I had had to drink, which I almost never do, and so I ended up feeling creeped out and depressed and I left without saying anything.

On my way home, far gone and rotted out and seemingly moving in slow motion, I visited landmarks which were once important to me:

. . . and I saw this cool house:

I then walked to a nearby tennis court and felt bad about everything I had ever done in my whole life!!!!