My spirit-brother Matt and I had a real Halloween experience. We went to his (our??) friend Sarah’s house and she let us carve pumpkins on her living room floor and dump baby powder all over our hair and so on. Then she did our makeup. It looked really good. Well, here’s the thing: we all drank a little of this stuff called GHB, which I had never heard of, but which I soon learned is the “”date rape drug””. What! I really had no idea what I was getting myself into it. I felt a little woozy, having drunk this stuff that is clear and odorless and tastes like the ocean, but I managed to stay upright and conscious and I at least remember most of what happened that night. But listen: I wouldn’t recommend it. It wasn’t very fun and I guess if you take too much you can go into a coma and die. Whoops!

Anyway we drove around all spooked up, looking like a couple of sad freaks, and blasting AVALON by Roxy Music every which way all over the Oakland metropolitan area, and some of Berkeley too. We ended up at Ruby Room, which was packed with a whole lot of other creeps just like us, and in the back we sat glumly smoking cigarettes and watching some costumeless cheese-dicks play pool. I did not drink, because I didn’t want to pass out and die. About an hour later we drove to the other side of Lake Merritt and bumped our pumpkin heads together and tossed them into the water. Cool!

Well: Thanks for reading!!!!