hey y’all does anyone else have a SLEEP SHIRT they wear every night? i got this big-ass comfortable-ass stretchy BORIS HEAVY ROCKS shirt and i gotta say: i love it a lot~

well what i wanted to know is if anyone feels comforted by the smell of their SLEEP SHIRT? i am clean when i put it on . . . but it smells like Ryan is what i mean. by night three i’m like “awww!! it’s-a me~” when i put it on. and i wash it once a week! no exceptions! ok? it just makes me feel good is all i’m saying, when hardly anything else does it for me anymore.

speaking of sleep: my wizard-psychiatrist gave me this stuff called risperidone. he told me not to look up the side-effects because it’s all horseshit. and i like it! i go to sleep at night, which i can’t normally do on my own. i took half of one just now actually, so i think i have about ten minutes or so until i am mercifully submerged in a chemical dream, and whisked away from this terrible place for at least a few hours, though otherwise a sort of eternity in my brain because. . . .

. . . ahem!!

anyway: i went on what a normal person might call a quote-unquote date the other night, which is just to say i hung out with a New Person I Did Not Previously Know, And Who Happens To Be An Attractive Young Woman Who Laughed At At Least Half Of My (Bad) Jokes. and i told this poor girl, bless her heart, as i tell everyone, that i can’t ever really sleep . . . and that the sleep i do get is bogus as hell. it doesn’t recharge me or anything like that. she whispered two words in my ear, on account of it being so loud in there, which were these two words: “passion flower.” it’s a supplement i guess. it cost me all of $9 and it will be here on the doorstep of my fortified compound on the oakland-berkeley border by the time i get home from work tomorrow. so i’m adding this one more thing to this fuckin sleep potion i got going on. i am going to crush up the pill and put it in some tea and see what happens. i have this teeny tiny little baby teacup i got from muji some time ago, and that is what i will use to swill the thing down. i mean, hell, you don’t wanna go drinking a bunch of liquids before you go to sleep . . . but a little passion flower in some green tea should do the trick and keep me sedated until that godawful sun comes for me again. yes? i am unaffected by caffeine so i can do that: drink caffeine moments before i close my eyes. i can’t do anything else. i’m serious. i am completely worthless, but my lame superhero power is to be unaffected by hot caffeine.

ok well i got my HEAVY ROCKS shirt on and i’m goofed up on this little white pill so good-night lol