House to myself for ten days. Drove around in the rain. Went all the way up to PDX Airport, came right back down again. Thought about Orson Welles. Saw this image in my head:


(This is from ‘F for Fake,’ where he says: “I didn’t go to jail—I went to Hollywood.”)

And then I got home and I thought that I would watch either ‘Chimes at Midnight’ or ‘The Stranger’ or ‘The Lady From Shanghai.’ And then I did some Wikipedia-level research, and discovered that this was the theatrical poster for ‘Chimes at Midnight’:


Holy lord! That’s incredible!

‘The Lady From Shanghai’ it is, though!! I’ll tear into Falstaff a little later in the week, when I have been alone for much longer, and when watching a fat and bearded Orson Welles quote Shakespeare is the only thing that makes sense to do.