I haven’t been writing as much because I haven’t had a desk in two months. Writing in bed feels bad, and there’s no way I’m going to sit in a chair with a laptop on my lap. I’d kill my neck doing that. I’m sitting at a (very low) kitchen table writing this and it feels real bad too.

Well: I’m moving to a place in Schöneberg tomorrow, in West Berlin, and this place has a desk and everything. It has a bathtub too. I haven’t had one of those in two months either.

OK? So starting tomorrow, I’m going to post every single day. I have to. Otherwise I’m staring down the barrel of a dark world growing darker, and lord knows I don’t want to start looking behind the furniture, so to speak. Also, I’ve got to get ahold of some of the spooky stuff right quick. I need to MIX THE DUST AROUND a little. I don’t think I’ve smoked a joint or eaten a gummy since I was last in California, which was just about six months ago. Such is my tale. In Berlin, even the cops get lifted right there on the street, beneath the ever-watching gaze of The Almighty Himself, so it won’t be difficult to track the stuff down. Hell I know of a few bathroom stalls here where you can walk out with pretty much anything you can think of, even the really scary stuff, and I ain’t exactly happy about it!

OK it’s almost six am and I have a job interview in five hours (oops) so time to go off to Starland for a while. ☆彡