This is just a reminder that a year ago I took an ONLINE QUIZ to determine which SAILOR MOON character I am . . . and I got Sailor Pluto, the Soldier of Space-Time, who is (sorry) definitely the coolest one. Her name of course comes from the Roman god of the underworld (and the former planet, which was so cool they decided it wasn’t a planet anymore), and she’s got frickin dark green-ass hair and wears black and garnet (my birthstone!!), and her powers are based around time, the underworld, space, darkness, death, judgment, and precognition (my powers!!).

So get bent, fools, because I’m Sailor Pluto and there’s absolutely nothing any of you can do about it. And if you question my quiz outcome I will attack you with one my signature moves, which include Dead Scream, Chronos Typhoon, Dark Dome Close, Dimension Dance, and Galactica Cannon . . . among many others that I won’t list here because it would terrify you to know how truly versatile and destructive my abilities are.

OK seeya later, punks. Go get bent.