From reading the emails and letters y’all send me, and from meeting you in person and staying at your houses and talking with you late at night, and on and on: I get the sense that most of the people who read this stupid hidden back-alley website perched here on the crater rim of total annihilation, and at the end of all things, are a lot like me, which is to say that we are the same kind of person. And who knows how many of us there are anymore, or whatever, though I have met and befriended enough to know that there are a good number of us left. And LOOK: I am in bed in the dark and I have taken my little passion flower supplement, which helps me sleep and have strange lucid dreams, and I was thinking that uhhhh I hope it is comforting for you to know that we both exist and feel the same way about things, even if a lot of other people don’t feel those things. I am here in the dark writing this stuff every night. I don’t reckon much of it has much substance, and maybe a good deal of it is obnoxious, but I hope y’all get something out of it, even if it’s just to feel less alone about being trapped here on earth.

So! Yes! Go ahead and keep writing to me! I will write to you too. I don’t want anything from any of you, and I’m not selling anything. I’m just some guy with a little website and I call the thing what it is for good or ill. It does not ever cross my mind to say anything other than what I genuinely think and feel, even if it is embarrassing, which it often is. You have been so nice to me for so many years. I like being your friend. For whatever it’s worth, there it is. Thank you for reading.