Rayon Starpuncher holstered his holo-pistol and felt relieved. He thought, Sometimes it is good when bad things like this happen, because then I have an excuse to finally die. I wonder, he thought, why I was born with no reward circuit, and cursed with permanent chemical psychosis. And anyway they’ll be looking for me, he thought, now that I’ve gotten the time of Earth’s death from the coroner. He envisioned the end of the world as a four and a half billion year-long film. The film ends once Earth is engulfed by a nuclear furnace, followed by the credits, which list every human and animal who ever lived in order of appearance. And then Bugs Bunny pops out of a hole in the ground and chews on a carrot while Adam and Eve weep in the background. Yes, he thought, that’s exactly what it’ll be like.

Starpuncher ate a handful of pills and climbed the stairs to his apartment where he knew the refrigerator was empty.