a while ago now i knew this girl. we met in baltimore and were good friends for many years . . . maybe seven or eight years or something like that. she was great!

during that time we showed absolutely no interest in one another In That Way. we were like a texbook platonic relationship. there was nothing weird or unspoken between us. it ruled!!

well: something changed right there at the end of it, and she told me she liked me, and i told her i liked her too. it exploded and ended terribly! it was real bad.

but! i remember being so confused when she first told me she liked me . . .  i actually considered that maybe something was wrong with her. i guess when i really think about it, i have always felt that way whenever someone tells me they like me. which is to say, in the case of my old friend, it seemed to me that up until that point she had lived a perfectly rational life, and upon admitting that she liked me, she had decided to become completely insane