Once I finish writing my first novel, I’m going to start on a second. That’s usually how it goes, right? This second book is going to be about Antarctic explorers. I’ve already done a great deal of research. From my notes:

The adventurers discover that the huts and cabins from previous Antarctic explorations are overrun by colonies of penguins. One cabin was for lodging and the other for supplies. Nearby there is an magnetic observation hut. In the living quarters there are two ante-rooms, one serving as a darkroom and the other used for taxidermy.

I have about a million little ideas like this compiled in a story outline. This is one of the less interesting ones—I don’t want to spoil the story!

OK, one more:

Lots of provisions to make it through the winter: butter, tea and coffee, herring, sardines, cheeses, soup, canned tripe, plum pudding, dry potatoes and vegetables.

Riveting stuff, huh? (It will be good, I promise.)