At McCune’s behest, I watched REDS (1981) the other night. Warren Beatty wrote, produced, directed, and starred in it. It was nominated for a whole bunch of Oscars and Beatty won best director. (Diane Keaton should have won best actress . . . though hey baby what can you do.) It is an incredible movie. It’s three hours of Warren Beatty hanging out in Greenwich Village and Soviet Russia just after the October Revolution. It’s got Uncle Jack Nicholson and Gene Jacket Hackman in it, for god’s sake. And yet it made no money and has essentially been buried. Man, what a sadness.

ANYWAY: If you get a chance . . . Check It Out. And now I conclude my endorsement of REDS by saying that annoying / kinda pretentious thing I sometimes say, which is that I cannot possibly imagine something like this being made today or ever again. Well, it’s true!

Beatty is a genius. He’s my boy. Love you forever, big dog.

Good-night~ ☆彡