justine! if you’re out there, i sure would like to hear from you again. you invited me to that birthday party in kreuzberg and i walked three miles in the dark cold from friedrichshain to get there, but i couldn’t find you. i waited on the stoop across the street but when my blood got cold i had to get to walking. . . . i walked with my collar up and my hands in my pockets till i was by the canal with the preening swans, some of them sleeping, all of them tomb-quiet. and i went to a bar i had gone to when i had a long layover in berlin some time ago now. it seemed insane that i ended up there of all places in this massive spiderwebbing city, as if i had been invisibly lead there. the beer taps were all foam so the french bartender gave me something in a bottle for free. i stayed there until 3 am, left a 6€ tip and took the long way home. i lost your info. where did you go? well, if you see this, holler down the mountain and i’ll come running.