kelsey told me the other night that i’m good about making sure everyone in my house is comfortable. like she said i’m always making sure everyone has tea and that they’re warm and that the room is well-lit and smells nice and all that stuff. i guess i never really even noticed i was doing that. it is always so sweet to me when people catalog little things about you like that . . . i have done so many times as well with all the people i know and love~

i like to write nice things about my friends on my website, so: kelsey, for god’s sake man, thank you for coming over to my house every time i have asked you to in the last six weeks. thank you for listening to me and confirming my sanity. i’ve been in bad shape, and there were nights when i just could not be alone, and you came to me and talked to me so that i would feel safe. i feel safe when you’re here with me. thank you for caring about me and for always being a good friend. i love you very much.