Oh: Before I lay me down to sleep, and pray the Lord my soul to keep, and so on, I wanted to show you a thing I’ve been working on, which is the KING METEOR store. Now listen, I know it would be much easier for me to just use something like Big Cartel, or Shopify, or whatever else the kids use, but I wanted to build my own thing because I like building my own things, and I like having control of my own things in the event that whichever service I’m using gets bought up, or shuts down, or whatever the hell else happens to websites in these dark and trying times.

am going to use Gumroad, which I believe doles out unique PDF codes, to sell digital copies of the books I have written and am currently writing. But the source of all this will be the store I’m building. It is nearly finished. Every digital thing in it will be choose-your-own price, since there’s no overhead for me, and because I regard a lot of it is too bizarre and esoteric to ever fascinate what you might call a normal person. Though, who knows. At any rate, I don’t expect to make a dime off of this. Anything more than zero will be an unexpected bounty for me. I just wanted something to do, and it keeps me inside and away from any trouble I might otherwise get myself into.

This is a tiny little baby taste of what it looks like so far:


That’s right, punks: I’m doing audio versions. I have already recorded a few of them. It uhhh fries the hell out of my voice, so I can only do one a day. Also, my friend McCune is doing some doom-y / drone-y background noise-things for them. It’s going to be so hot. You have no idea, man.

And: My roommate volunteers at a printing press near our house. I’m going to make fifty or so copies of every book, and probably have a box of them in my garage for the next ten years. Anyway I reckon it’ll still be real cool to make them, and to hold them and flip through them, and so on.

I’m launching it soon. Maybe next week. Maybe not! I guess we’ll both find out soon enough.

Sweet dreams my darlings~~