It is five a.m. and I sure did just pop me “chewable mint-flavored” melatonin, which I got from Trader Joe’s. Kinda weird how they turned this stuff into candy, though hey, I ain’t gonna pretend like I don’t enjoy eating these things. I figure I now have about forty-five minutes to read something, or hang out with Dante on my lap while I watch an episode of ‘The Twilight Zone’ before The Sleepiness takes hold and sends me into a nightmare void.

Tomorrow I am going to wake up at NOON and drive over to SE Grind and work there until seven or eight. I have a lot to do!! One of the things I have to do is to finish up some questionaire-type deal that the CEO (!!) of a compny in the Bay Area (!!) sent me two hours (!!) after I submitted in my application. This place seems real cool. They emphatically stated that they “don’t care” about resumes and just want to hear you say whatever you got to say about yourself. I guess something caught his eye, whatever it was. As Max says in ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’: “You know hope is a mistake.” Yeah, man. So I definitely am not hoping for anything, but it would be super all right if they had me interview. I’d be booking a train down to Oakland ASAP if that was the case.

Are you in the Portland metropolitan area? Come sit with me at SE Grind tomorrow. I have mentioned this a few times, about sitting with me there, and twice some friends of mine actually did show up. Cool! Maybe it’ll happen again. We’ll just get stuff done, man. I ain’t gonna bother you or nothing. Well, maybe that isn’t exactly true!!