i had a long strange trip tonight. i walked probably ten miles and ended up in this big labyrinthine house in the berkeley hills where i had been before many years ago. i hung out with a bunch of strangers and drank a gallon of water, and on and on. that’s just the sort of thing i do i reckon.

i talked to my friend shaina in new york on the phone. i knew she would be awake so i called her. we talked for a whole hour! i like shaina lot. she said she’s gonna come see me in the winter.

and when i got home i made tea and held dante. (i thought about it and like . . . that is always the first thing i do when i come home: i make tea and hold dante. yeah.) i put on music and turned all the lights off.

yes, and now it is very late and i’m going to sleep on the couch, because dante likes it better when i sleep out there. i guess it’s because the living room is His Room, and so it’s like i’m visiting him in his room.

well! ok