Tonight I was going through some old stuff and I found an unmarked CD. I plugged in a really old computer I have just to use the disc drive to see what was on it.

And uh . . . whoa! Uh oh!

There were a bunch of folders with pictures I had totally forgotten existed at all. They’re all from 2003.

One of the folders was called “KMFDM”.

Almost exactly thirteen years ago I went to KMFDM concert in D.C. with my brother Jeb and his girlfriend Liz and my friends Megan and Meg. I had a godawful haircut and a godawful everything else. Megan (red hair) liked me. I liked Meg (black hair). My brother (muttonchops (ugh)) was extremely intoxicated. His girlfriend (pink and purple shooting star shirt!!) was really cool.

Well, there’s no point beating around the bush any longer. Here you go. Here is 15-year-old me looking like a dumb little baby:





Those passes on our legs were given to me by their tour manager. I emailed him a few times before they came to D.C. and he told me he’d hook me up. I have no idea why. That guy was real cool.

Anyway, yeah!! Sascha, the dude with the mohawk, is real cool! We were pen pals for years. And that’s his wife Lucia kissing me on the cheek!! She actually kissed me twice because Jeb wasn’t sure he used the camera right the first time. I remember Lucia saying something like, “I know what you’re up to here, you tricksters!!!!”

God help me, I have hundreds of other pictures from that year. Maybe I will start dropping them on this website every now and then. Maybe not! I probably will. Who cares!!!