are those her ribs through which the sun 
did peer, as through a grate? 
and is that woman all her crew? 
is that a DEATH? and are there two? 
is DEATH that woman’s mate? 

her lips were red, her looks were free, 
her locks were yellow as gold: 
her skin was as white as leprosy, 
the night-mare LIFE-IN-DEATH was she, 
who thicks man’s blood with cold. 

the naked hulk alongside came, 
and the twain were casting dice; 
‘the game is done! i’ve won! i’ve won!’ 
quoth she, and whistles thrice.

dude yeah rime of the ancient mariner definitely rules a lot. i guess i’ve accidentally had parts of it memorized since high school

also being forced to wander the earth forever to tell people about the great sin you committed in the icy darkness is way worse than just flat-out dying and is probably the supernatural hell i’m currently living and only vaguely aware of lol

so yeah, ancient mariner, i understand how you feel dude!!!!!!