this little thin green spider built a web between my two bookshelves and has been living there for the last month

it has never occurred to me to move her

she just hangs out there

i like having her around

i’m going to let her be

ADDENDUM: my beautiful great friend hali palombo, who loves insects and knows a whole lot about them, ID’d this spider for me. she says: “It’s a Pholcus phalangioides, aka a ‘skull spider’, or a ‘long bodied cellar spider’.” whoa! hali thinks this is a female because they’re noticeably larger than the males

in ‘blade runner’, rachael has an implanted memory of a spider who lived outside her window when she was a girl . . . and in ‘do androids dream of electric sheep’, j. r. isidore, who lives alone in a huge dilapidated building surrounded by the san francisco wasteland, finds a spider crawling around the ruins one day and keeps it. he’s never seen a living spider before. one of the androids hiding in his building takes it from him and, because she can’t feel empathy, cuts four of its legs off just to see if i can still walk. he is sad and horrified by this and mercy kills it in the kitchen sink.

so, hey, i’ve been thinking about spiders a lot!!! and now i have a new roommate who is a spider. well all right! go right the heck ahead and live in my house, dude. i ain’t gonna bother you~