The other night before I went to work I wrote about my cat Dante’s gigantic vet bill. I asked y’all for help. I sent the link to my friends Jackson and Brandon and Tracey, all of whom have tons of Twitter followers, and asked them to spread the message around. And they did! (And EMi Spicer did too!!) (And my sister wrote up a nice li’l thing about it!)

I put on my jacket and walked to work. It was pouring outside. I felt like a big sack of horseshit. I wondered just what in the heck I was going to do to help Dante. I tried to be realistic about it—tried to remember that this was probably all on me!

Well: My friends saved me. Their message sure did get out. It circulated real fast. My phone vibrated in my back pocket pretty much nonstop while I was work. I kept getting Paypal emails. Within two hours, I had raised half of Dante’s vet bill. Within four hours, his bill was totally covered. I felt pretty overwhelmed by this! When I got home from work at 3 in the morning, I started crying. I couldn’t believe how nice everyone had been to me. I had received so many donations from so many people, most of them total strangers. People included little messages saying they hoped Dante felt better soon, or that they had had astronomical vet bills and understood what I was going through, or that they themselves had cats they loved more than life itself, and so on.

I went to sleep!

When I woke up in the morning, I had probably 25 more donations. I have now raised enough money to pay for Dante’s surgery and (hopefully) most of his post-surgery treatment. What the heck! You beautiful people!

Here is a list of all the people who donated—all 53 of them! I went through my Paypal / Square Cash history and tried to compile this list as best as I could. There were a lot of names to sort through! I hope I didn’t forget anyone!! If I used your full name, it’s because I know you and figured you wouldn’t mind if I did that. I also turned your name into a link if there was a thing to link to!

Beautiful generous friends of Dante and Ryan:

  1. Jackson Broussard
  2. Brandon Sheffield
  3. Zak “Delicious” McCune
  4. Tracey Lien
  5. Laura Rokas
  6. Anna Anthropy
  7. Nick Splendorr
  8. Elizabeth Simins
  9. EMi Spicer
  10. Megan Farokhmanesh
  11. Mable Palombo
  12. Skip Bronkie
  13. Stevie Lorann
  14. Hannah Knight
  15. Vito Gesualdi
  16. Darin Holden
  17. Ella Higgins
  18. Monty Yrigoye
  19. Ellen Porczak
  20. Mikaylah Walper
  21. Eva Bronkie
  22. Caitlin Tedrow
  23. Mitch Corvus
  24. Sidney Lien
  25. Joey Hodges
  26. Karen R.
  27. Christina C.
  28. Sean C.
  29. Carly W.
  30. Janan A.
  31. Melissa F.-L.
  32. Zach G.
  33. Cassidy W.
  34. Stephanie W.
  35. Aivi T.
  36. Hugh B.
  37. Liz I.
  38. Corey E.
  39. Joanne L.
  40. Jon S.
  41. Alexander M.
  42. Dawson D.
  43. Nick D.
  44. Donna W.
  45. Alithia R.
  46. Kayla F.
  47. Em J.
  48. Karen R.
  49. Janan A.
  50. Tessa L.
  51. Samantha K.
  52. Catherine W.
  53. Shane M.

Lord! Thank you so much!!!

Dante’s surgery is on Friday. I’m going to drop him off in the morning and pick him up in the afternoon. They’re going to take tissue samples from various parts of his small intestines, and I think from some of his lymph nodes too. They say I will have the biopsy results in 7–14 days. It might be cancer or it might not be. I really hope it isn’t cancer. If it is, then they’ll start treating him immediately. If it turns out to be inflammation, then I think they put him on steroids for a little while.

Anyway: I’ll let you know how it goes. For now he is eating and drinking, has put back on the pound or so that he lost, and has not thrown up since last week. If you live in Portland and want to come visit him this weekend while he’s recovering, just text me or something!

Thanks again for helping out me and my friend Dante. I uhhhh still can’t believe it. Y’all are great. Thanx for being great~ ☆彡