A concerned reader phoned the Starsailor offices late last night and informed us that no, we would not just go to sleep and die in Antarctic conditions. I guess I had always figured hypothermia would set in, and my nerves would die, and so too would the pain of my own imminent death. Was I misinformed? I don’t doubt it . . . hell, I hardly know anything at all. I’m an idiot.

This reader, they said that my lungs would burst and that I would choke to death on my own blood. Hey, man. If that’s what it’s gonna be, that’s what it’s gonna be. Can’t win em all.

Is that what happens? Will I choke to death on my own blood after my lungs explode? I’d probably have to be on Mars after sunset to hit those kind of temps, yeah? I don’t know. You tell me!

Why oh why can’t my body just cool down to the point where I go insane and hallucinate and then die sleepily in the loving embrace of the Grim Reaper??

Can’t I just have this????

OK just let me know. I need to know! Thanks~