my good friend mable sent me this. that’s us in palmisano park in bridgeport when i was visiting chicago in september. that’s mable in the middle and her roommate annabelle on the left. her other roommate erin took the picture. i forget what that dude’s name was but he was really nice and gave me a cigarette. and that’s li’l ol me in the background pondering something, i guess . . . probably my own death!

we just hung out all night on that blanket drinkin beer and smoking spliffs and listening to crickets and townes van zandt. mable told me later it was one of the last warm nights before the cold set in.

once i got that vaccine coursing through me, i’m gonna go visit everyone in chicago again. gayle is hiding out there, for god’s sake. i haven’t seen her since laura’s birthday party in golden gate park last may. and i wanna see hali too. man, i miss everyone so much.

anyway, yeah . . . that was a nice li’l night we had there together in palmisano park :,-)