one of the first few times i hung out with madeleine, she asked me to come get her from this really bad party she was at. it was somewhere in manassas, right off sudley road and down the street from the hospital where i was born. and i remember i picked her up in my red jeep cherokee and we drove to the woods and parked and got out and walked all night. that was a good night. we were always doing stuff like that.

come to think of it, i have a lot of stories where someone called me at night and asked me to come get them from a bad party, and we ended up going somewhere to walk around instead. man, i love it when that happens. i guess i’m just the kind of person who is always awake at night and down to drive. that’s the kind of person you would call if you caught a ride to a bad party and wanted to leave early.

i miss it!!