It’s driving me insane that I haven’t had time to make anything recently!!! That is the only metric I use to judge my self-worth: my ability to make stuff. Lord . . . I’m way the hell down there, feeling rotten as hell for having not created anything in maybe a month or more.

And, my god, I’m losing my mind at night because I keep dreaming about Women I Let Down A Long Time Ago. My brain is a god dang haunted house, man. It’s spooked the hell up. The other night world-famous French Canadian artist Laura Rokas stayed over, and I woke up next to her gasping. I may have screamed too. Laura just kept on sleeping, and good on her, because maybe I made some terrifying noises attempting to get as much oxygen into my body as quickly as possible.

I got up and went into the kitchen and drank about a liter of water. It was very early. I thought about sitting down to write a thing, but I was exhausted and my back was sore and I was coughing a whole bunch.

. . . uh, anyway: I’m publishing two more bookz to my Teeny Tiny Li’l Baby Starsailor Store in the next month or so, so hey, that’s something. Or at any rate maybe it isn’t nothing. Have y’all bought ‘Gritt Calhoon and the Midnight Assault’ yet? I sold a copy dozen copies but, uh . . . I wouldn’t mind selling a few more. ;-o

I’m makin stuff! I’m gonna keep on making stuff. Just wanted y’all to know~

YahhhhOOO yeah baby!!!