In Robert Altman’s good-ass ‘McCabe & Mrs. Miller’ (1971), there is a scene where McCabe is in his bedroom mumbling to himself about how he’s got a thing for Mrs. Miller. It is very good and, if it’s OK with you, I’m going to post it here because hell I sure did go right ahead and transcribe it already anyway:

All the time makin me feel like I’m gonna make a fool out of myself. Now we’ll see who the fools is. Son of a bitches.

I never did fit in this goddamn town. God, I hate when them bastards put their hands on ya. I tell you sometimes, sometimes when I take a look at you. . . . I just keep a-looking and a-looking.

I want to feel your little body against me so bad, I think I’m going to bust. I keep trying to tell you in a lot of different ways. If just one time you could be sweet without no money around. I think I could. . . .

Well, I’ll tell you something. I’ve got poetry in me. I do! I’ve got poetry in me. I ain’t going to put it down on paper. I ain’t no educated man. I got sense enough not to try it!

Can’t never say nothin to you. If you just one time let me run the show, I’d. . . .

You’re just freezin my soul, that’s what you’re doing. Freezin my soul.

Well, shit! Enjoy yourself, girl. Just go ahead and have a time. What the hell.

That’s just my luck. The only woman’s ever been one to me, is just a whore. But what the hell, I never was a percentage man. I suppose a whore is the only kind of woman I’d know.