alayna and i walked 10 miles tonight. for all you metric folks, which is just about everyone in the world, that’s 16.1 kilometers. that equates to round about 24,000 steps. hey! not bad.

we walked from my house all through berkeley, and through campus and up euclid avenue to the rose garden there. it was so beautiful! and nice outside.

now i’m soaking in an epsom salt bath drinking iced green tea, baby. no joke, i’ve been drinking a liter of this stuff a day all summer. metric-minded friends: that’s one (1) litre (lol)~

i’m listening to the morrowind soundtrack, if you must know . . . just in case the cops ask.

tomorrow i go up north to hide in the woods. after that i’m going to london and berlin . . . and i reckon all the places between them.

for now i am in oakland, california, and wild at heart and weird on top. ok!!!

sweet dreams my little starbabies ☆彡