my beautiful cool amazing friend hali palombo released her first music-y thing today. here it is!

hali! i bought it! i love you! you’re so cool dude

here is PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE for all you doubters and conspiracy theorists:

i lived with hali one summer a long time ago now. i wrote about her in this rambling thing about people i knew in the bay area. she is “H” if ya really wanna know. good lord, hali palombo. i tell you, she is one of the best people i ever met. i haven’t seen her since that morning she woke up in my bed and left oakland for good, but i have missed her and thought about her every day since then.

well: i love you, hali. i’m listening to your thing. it is a good thing. thanks for making this thing. i’m gonna come to chicago and see you and your sister mable sooooon!!