sometimes at night when i’m trying to fall asleep, i’ll start thinking about all the cool t-shirts i’ve lost or had (accidentally) stolen from me by Overnight Guests and i get kind of upset, because i’ve had so many cool shirts vanish from my life!

i can’t believe i did this, but i left a DUFFEL BAG full of black band shirts in the storage room of my apartment complex in baltimore the day i left the city forever to move to austin, and oh my god, it was stuffed full of incredible shirts i’ll never get back. they’re irreplaceable: they were all printed on that heavy 90s cotton and faded from hundreds if not thousands of washes. the vast majority of my teenage stockpile! if i dwell on it too long i’ll start to cry.

i should do a post about my favorite shirts. i still have a bunch of really good ones. i’ve had this one rolling stones shirt since i was 13, and it is incredible that it has survived. the cotton is so soft. i’ll bet it’s been washed 4,000 times. i even had my ex-girlfriend and then laura rokas do some repairs on it to keep it alive. it is obvious this shirt is ancient and it looks so cool. i wore it to work one time, and this girl was like, “wow, do you never get rid of your old shirts or something?” and i was like, “um, no way!!”

yeah ok i’ll do a shirts post soon~