the thing about money, which isn’t even real, but which i have to think about constantly or else i’ll die (and hell that’s gonna happen anyway!!), is that unless you go around ripping people off, the only way you can get your hands on some of the stuff is to already have it

i don’t mean to sound petty, but i am real tired of hearing people say “ugh! i’m so broke!” when really what they mean is that they’re waiting for their next huge paycheck, or for their parents to replenish their checking account, or for some reason don’t “count” their trust fund and/or huge savings account as part of their collective pool of wealth

when i say i have five bucks, i don’t have secret money hidden anywhere—i actually just have five US dollars to my name

sure: i have a few quote unquote liquid assets. i get a paycheck every two weeks and (usually) have four walls surrounding me when i go to sleep at night

but i sure did earn every bit of it, even if it’s hardly anything at all!

i’m tired of being told by people who have secret money that i should travel more or chase my dreams or that things would get better for me if i would just take a break from working and paying bills and use my secret money to recharge and change my perspective

have you noticed how often people are saying this?

do they know?

listen: i don’t have secret money

never did to begin with

so please don’t tell me what to do

knock it off

thank you

go away