hey have i passive aggressively complained about this phenomenon on my website yet

by which i mean: you watch someone’s instagram story, or whatever, and they’re just like freakin recording parts of a movie while sitting in a theater

fifteen-second clips of a movie that has just come out

i sit near the front in a theater so i never have to be behind someone when this godawful madness is unraveling

anyway: what is this

this is completely insane to me

a movie theater is a place where you go to hide from the world for a few hours

you sit in the dark and go someplace else in your head

it is a reprieve, dude, from every miserable minute of your life that you have suffered through and will continue to suffer through after the credits roll

don’t bring THE WORLD into a movie theater

phone out during a god damn movie

what are you doing, y’all

like c’mon

guys c’mon