here is some advice i would give to a modern screenwriter: if your script begins with narration, trash it. sometimes i’ll put my soul at hazard and bear witness to some New Thing, and my god, when the first five minutes of a movie is a voiceover of a bunch of expository information, i want to kill myself. you are working with a VISUAL MEDIUM, so SHOW ME SOMETHING.

can a movie begin with narration and still be good? of course! but there is this particularly egregious way that they go about it anymore that feels supremely lazy and ham-fisted. it’s like a cheap shortcut. if you have a story to tell, then believe in it! because it sure is obvious to me when someone don’t care about their own story. that’s kinda sad! c’mon!!

you know how you get better at writing? you read books. if you want to get good at writing screenplays, you need to watch a ton of movies, preferably something that wasn’t made in the last fifteen years (lol)~

i only say all this because i care! i want things to be beautiful! is that asking so much??