well . . . i went and had me a real hell of a god damn night last night. i drove real fast with a stranger, and on and on. maybe i’ll tell y’all about it sometime lol

anyway: i’m in my nintendo 64 t-shirt that my faraway friend jackleen gave to my very close and good and cool friend kelsey to give to me. this shirt is huge and beautiful. thanks jackleen and kelsey. i’m thinking: yes, i cannot wait to see my detroit friends lo(gan) and storm and ari and the very same jackleen next month. i am very excited ok. i’m staying with logan somewhere or another. kelsey, who is from detroit, has told me the name of this neighborhood a whole bunch of times and i have forgotten it each time. i’m sorry. but anyway, yeah: logan i are getting $3 wine from aldi and doing face masks and holding her cats. i love her. she’s so cute and sweet. man, yeah!!!! it’ll be cool, and cute and sweet.

and apparently, uh, my old friend and Movie Buddy is coming to see me at the end of the week, so hell . . . that sure is a nice thing too. i missed her!!!

laura said she and i are going to be bartending at some art fundraiser the next day? and i get free beer and half the tips? yeah ok. when i finally get around to asking her what the hell this thing is, i’ll post details here so y’all can come around and hang out with us if y’all wanna. i mean! this is world-famous french canadian multimedia artist laura rokas we’re talking about! and whatever i am! and we’ll be together in downtown oakland slingin beers for a bunch of turds. man, that sounds great.

dear amissa, my sweet friend in los angeles: i am waking up tomorrow and immediately watching NIGHT OF CABIRIA, which you kindly sent me in the mail a few weeks ago. did i tell you i actually ended up with two copies of it? amazon delivered it twice. whoooops. i will post a 200-300 word review of it on this very website. yes. yes!!!

finally: dante is on my lap and i really ought to go to sleep. my stomach is full of golden lotus, cuz my sister and her boyfriend took me and matt and rachel k. there earlier tonight. it ruled. and you know, i usually don’t like writing straight journal entries like this, though hell, whatever . . . i went and did it anyway. i’ll have a lot more to say tomorrow unfortunately. matt and i rewatched THE LORD OF THE RINGS over the course of the entire day and it has put me in a place, man. i wanna stay in that place for a while. i think the only way to do that is to eat this little passion flower pill my new friend reed instructed me to take. it really does work. you go right to sleep, and it is beautiful sleep. i want very much to have that~!

ok love y’all~~ ☆彡